Making new plans

Last year we regularly informed you about the arrival of a new concept store in Rotterdam. In this new store would be sold high-quality enamel products, including colorful enamel lamps. Due to circumstances our companion has recently decided to stop this beautiful project. Although we find this extremely regrettable, we’ve decided to continue.

EBLI | Émaillé By Lloyd Industrials
Meanwhile we’ve found a new enameling company. Because we want to deliver the best quality and beautiful design colors, it will take a few months before the first new colorful EBLI lamps are ready.

Opening studio Rotterdam 
And in the coming weeks we’ll be busy renovating our new showroom in Rotterdam. We expect to be ready by the end of October. In addition to the above-mentioned we’re also proud to announce that a great collection of lamps from @anvia_lighting can also be seen in the new studio.

You see we’re not standing still, remain creative and innovative and continue with good courage.
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Sincerely, Dennis and René
Lloyd Industrials

September 2022